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Nader didn’t perform magic. Truthfully, I have no idea what he did. Call it mentalism; call it illusion… I call it outstanding. He performed a series of mental feats, guessing numbers, names, words from a random page of a random book, and even completing a drawing that matched what an unsuspecting member of the audience had drawn beforehand. We were astonished. The performance seemed like something you might see on America’s Got Talent.

Nader truly “wow’ed” the attendees of the meeting. After the performance, he greeted many of my staff, who gushed about how amazed they were and asked the typical “how did you do that?” -type questions. To be honest, several of them claimed to be freaked out at that thought of this man reading their minds! That said, throughout his set and after, Nader was genuine, kind and personable. While he performed, I was drawn in by his calm delivery, and watching him interact with my team after, I was even more convinced that this guy is the real deal.

I would highly recommend Nader Hanna to perform for a group, and I believe that he could cater to a variety of audiences. I will gladly invite him to return for another event... though I may need to mentally prepare first.

With highest regards,

Noelle Labrie
Manager of Guest Communications,
Universal Studios


Nader recently was invited to perform for our Guest Relations' Leadership Team on January 12, 2017, for approximately 15 people. Nader performed 45 minutes of true entertainment, which left our entire team, including our Vice President of Operations, in complete amazement.

Nader is an incredible entertainer with a unique approach that we absolutely loved here at Universal Studios Hollywood. Nader’s show was original, inclusive, and not simplistic, in any form. He is one of our favorite guest performers or presenters we have ever had part of our Leadership meetings, and we look forward to have Nader perform for us again in the near future. His crowd involvement is outstanding. He is professional, reliable, easy to work with, and he is a very nice guy.

Ryan Gross
Guest Relations Manager
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal City, CA 91608

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